From Moscow to South America. How it all began

Myself in the mirror before the trip

Step 1: Quitting.

I was scared. Hesitant. Nervous. Even sad.

You know, I had all the rights to be so – after all, I’m making a big change in my life. In the situation of total instability in my country with no guarantees and social securities whatsoever, I’m quitting my job. When I was just about to do it I realised how, in fact, good it was. Obviously, I was reflecting on the past a lot. I didn’t value it in the moment (as a lot of us), but looking back I can say that during just few years I’ve accomplished quite a lot. Sure, I tried to do my best and worked hard, but also I had a lot of moments of pure luck just being in the right place in the right moment. Which is NEVER the case for me. I was never a lucky one. Turned out, I’m not that un-lucky after all.

When I announced that I’m leaving I received some new opportunities that sounded very (VERY, okay!) exciting. People are kind to me, people value me. Can I just throw it all into garbage and go, what, travel for a few months? What am I, a fucking hippy?!

It’s not just work. What else I’m about to lose? I made a list.

Friends. Well, this point is actually quite manegable, I thought. We live in Moscow (or London, or Paris – place any big city), people don’t even bother to meet anymore. I don’t see my friends for months, and I know for sure, I’m not the only one like this. But still we keep very well in touch. Thanks, technologies and social media.

Done with that, what else? Family. This one is easy! I’m not a «family type of person», I don’t need to see my family every weekend. I just need to know that everyone is doing well and enjoy occasional photo or video. That’s just enough, thanks again, technologies.

Next, comfort. Well, that’s where we can have some problems. I don’t need much, you know, I like simple things and simple life (okay, semi-simple). I just need good water, clean sheets, comfy bed and pillow, silence at night and some privacy. Oh yes, and good internet. Well, I don’t know what the future will bring and how it all goes, but what I know FOR SURE I will have a problem precisely with each of these points.

It’s funny, but my usual comfort was one of the hardest things to leave behind. My yoga mat for some morning yoga, access to washing machine, clean filtered water, my perfect blanket, all my skincare jars and tubes… Ciao, was good knowing you and have on hand.

Oh, and privacy. Forget about it.

So, how does that sound? Already not that easy and shiny?

Well, I just cut it. Bought ticket to Rio and signed a resignation paper. Man, it was hard! But 10 times more – exciting! I have a ticket to Rio de fucking Janeiro, whaaat?

Looking back on that moment from 2020 I can only confirm – it was a damn right moment. Honestly, it was just a perfect timing.

to be continued…

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