About me

My spontaneous self portrait

Hey! Happy to see you here.

This blog is only my experience. I just wiped off everything I posted here before and started fresh. I will begin with my South American journey that I started in early fall 2019 which lasted for 6 months. I did pretty well if I may say so myself.

I know this kind of journey – few months, no return date, no return point, far from home, different language and culture – is a dream for many people. As fascinating as it sounds, it also is very intimidating.

I will share my way from the very beginning and I am absolutely sure it will inspire some of you to realise your dream. Because you will see – everything is possible.

And you can do it just by yourself. Even if you are a lonely white girl with no knowledge in any martial art like me.

Soon I will also montage video blogs from the trip to give another dimension to my story.

Also later I will share little stories of my other trips. Hold tight!